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My Art on Image0001 / contact: info[a]peterfrisk.se / cellphone: +4670 638 99 55


oceanpark2parisSince 1998 have I organize city tours in Stockholm. I arrange tours for small and large groups. It is possible to book for your company or for particular individuals within organizations or companies and of course for PGS = Personal guide Service.


If you visit Stockholm, contact me - I know Stockholm.


I am also an artist (#artbypeterfrisk), musician and lecture on the most and only interesting person in Sweden: August Strindberg and his time in Berlin and Paris, along with his friend Edward Munch.


I lecture on the history of Pop art and the artist Anselm Kiefer and of course on the history of Stockholm.


My focus is on the different inte citylife and in humanity - and that life should be fun to live.


Contact me for more information and bookings at info[a]peterfrisk.se / cellphone: +4670 638 99 55.


Lectures and city tours in english and swedish.


Yours sincerely / Peter Frisk








Peter Frisk Produktion E-post: info@peterfrisk.se '  - 070-638 99 55 - fredag 21 juli 2017